Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where users get an error message when submitting a log

Feature Updates:

  • Added the ability to manually enter new coordinates – go to Options/Enter Coordinates
  • Adjusted how much the map moves when scrolling at different zoom levels
  • Added function to message a cache owner (from the cache options menu)
  • Trackables!
    • Added list of trackables in a given cache (from the cache options menu if the cache has any trackables in its inventory)
    • Added the ability to see all my own trackables (from the main options menu)
    • Created the trackables details page
    • Drop or visit trackables from your inventory at a cache while logging the cache
    • Pick up trackables from the trackable details page
    • Ad-hoc lookup/search for trackables if you know the trackable number or code
    • Added the ability to message the holder of a trackable, as well as the owner of the trackable
  • You can now refresh a cache’s details to see updated logs or other changes
  • Cache details also automatically refresh after logging the cache
  • On app load if there is a timeout when getting a GPS lock, we will move forward with the last known coordinates and keep trying to get a GPS lock
  • Added an option for the user to delete their Geocaching.com account (from the settings screen)