Geocaching for the rest of us

Just because you’re not on the iOS or Android platforms does not mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy geocaching – go geocaching with KaiOS! Developed by a geocaching community member and officially authorized by through the Geocaching Authorized Developer program.

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Change Log

  • v3.1.16

    Bug Fixes:

    • Corrected issue where KaiOS v2.5.0 phones did not have a cursor when trying to authenticate

    Feature Updates:

    • Premium caches are now labeled as such in the cache list as well as the cache details page
    • Owned caches now show with a star icon on the map view
  • Initial Release – v3.1.11

    We’re in the wild!

Future Plans

Future Release Roadmap

(in no particular order or guarantee of release):

  • KaiOS v3.0 compatibility
  • Embedded Change Log
  • Cache owner messaging
  • Trackables
  • View additional cache attributes
  • Advanced search (premium users only)
  • Improve waypoint functionality

Known Defects

  • Waypoint functionality does not remember saved waypoints on app re-load