ALERT KaiOS v3.1 USERS!!! There is a bug in logging into the app in KaiOS v3.x. I’m aware of this and am working to fix it – thank you for your interest!

Geocaching for the rest of us

Just because you’re not on the iOS or Android platforms does not mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy geocaching – go geocaching with KaiOS! Developed by a geocaching community member and officially authorized by through the Geocaching Authorized Developer program (Kai OS Applications — Geocaching authorized developers).

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Change Log

  • v3.6.3

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue where users get an error message when submitting a log

    Feature Updates:

    • Added the ability to manually enter new coordinates – go to Options/Enter Coordinates
    • Adjusted how much the map moves when scrolling at different zoom levels
    • Added function to message a cache owner (from the cache options menu)
    • Trackables!
      • Added list of trackables in a given cache (from the cache options menu if the cache has any trackables in its inventory)
      • Added the ability to see all my own trackables (from the main options menu)
      • Created the trackables details page
      • Drop or visit trackables from your inventory at a cache while logging the cache
      • Pick up trackables from the trackable details page
      • Ad-hoc lookup/search for trackables if you know the trackable number or code
      • Added the ability to message the holder of a trackable, as well as the owner of the trackable
    • You can now refresh a cache’s details to see updated logs or other changes
    • Cache details also automatically refresh after logging the cache
    • On app load if there is a timeout when getting a GPS lock, we will move forward with the last known coordinates and keep trying to get a GPS lock
    • Added an option for the user to delete their account (from the settings screen)
  • v3.2.29

    Bug Fixes:

    • Addressed issue where the bouncing ball may never go away when loading data

    Feature Updates:

    • The app will now finish loading if you have no GPS signal or GPS is turned off. We will use your last known coordinates if we have them
    • Improved the ability to select a cache from the map view
    • Automatically turn off Nav-to-Cache after you log the cache
    • Added the ability to specify which GPS coordinate format you want – DDD, DMM, DMS. This is under the Settings screen
    • Fully added the ability to create Waypoints. The Cache listing page now has a “Waypoints” button which will toggle your view from Caches to Waypoints. Created waypoints will persist until you delete them (delete from the “Manage Waypoints” menu option)
    • Added a Change Log under the Settings menu
  • v3.1.16

    Bug Fixes:

    • Corrected issue where KaiOS v2.5.0 phones did not have a cursor when trying to authenticate

    Feature Updates:

    • Premium caches are now labeled as such in the cache list as well as the cache details page
    • Owned caches now show with a star icon on the map view
  • Initial Release – v3.1.11

    We’re in the wild!

Future Plans

Future Release Roadmap

(in no particular order or guarantee of release):

  • KaiOS v3.0 compatibility
  • View additional cache attributes
  • Advanced search (premium users only)
  • Improve waypoint functionality

Known Defects

  • Waypoint functionality does not remember saved waypoints on app re-install or if you log out and then back in